Annual Leave Exhibition 2017

Annual Leave photo exhibition 
CHECKS store 7 Hight Street 
Auckland CBD
27 Oct - 10 Nov 2017

Annual Leave a photography exhibition by Brendan Kitto and Eliza Trubuhovich that explores beyond the typical borders of the yearly vacation , even though the images are from different continents of the world the narrative remains the same.   

Stoneyhunga X Post Graffiti Pacific

Post-Graffiti Pacific, an ism without the ism, established in 2014 out of Onehunga’s very own Studio 40. Over time, the line between Street Art and Graffiti has become blurred. The figurative nature of Street Art is its own thing in its own right but today, public per- ception has them as one and the same. Urban Contemporary has become the umbrella description of the “movement made up of artists working in the public arena and the studio, as both are intrinsically linked and feed off each other.” - Nicholas Chenus for The Urban Contemporary Art Guide 2014.
Graffiti in this context refers to the letters based sub-culture which emerged in late 1960’s New York, where fame was the game by getting up with your name. Trains, tag- ging, bombing and piecing, all terms associated with graffiti. Territories, beef, cops, the life of a graffiti writer.
From New York to New Zealand, the migration of this edgy, controversial and exciting new sub-culture came pre-internet and via young Pacific people who visited the west coast of America, returning to the South Pacific with the knowledge and findings of graffiti. Word spread quick and soon enough, graffiti made its way into 1980’s youth cul- ture in the South Pacific. The power of the Pacific Ocean to connect two countries with a sub-culture is reminiscent of Polynesian migration throughout the Pacific.
Today, other local artists cut from the same graffiti cloth have taken on the term Post-Graffiti Pacfic as a way of identifying who they are within the urban contemporary art world. Their introduction to art was via an American sub-culture but their continuation into their current contemporary practise, in both their studio and outdoor works, is now informed by their region, the Pacific region.
Olivia Laita, curates this Stoneyhunga exhibition, showcasing the post-graffiti pacific works of Jamie McCready, Brendan Kitto and Elliot Francis Stewart. Photographers McCready and Kitto share their archives, combining Onehunga’s past and present, by way of local rap veterans R.E.S, who were the dominating influential factor for todays members of SWIDT. Stewart brings the element of comic art to the exhibition with the original album art work and gig posters for SWIDT Records first album release, SWIDT vs Everybody in 2016.
Exhibition works are now available online, click here to check them out.

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