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On The Road A5 Zine

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On the Road by Brendan Kitto The Jack Kerouac reference of the title, and the burnt-out wreck of an up-turned car on the cover, suggest we’re in for a bender of alcohol, sex, and endless highways, but Brendan Kitto’s On the road takes us on a very different type of journey. Shot on road trips between Auckland and Whanganui, Kitto’s beautifully composed black-and-white images radiate stillness and quiet. Beginning with a shot of Bridge Street Takeaways in Huntly, and ending at Drurie Hill Lookout in Whanganui, Kitto takes us through highlights and oddities of the places in between. The un-peopled streets and straight-on shots of diaries and churches call to mind other New Zealand photographers like Robin Morrison and Derek Henderson, and create a sense of nostalgia, drawing the viewer in.

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